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PDI Congress stands for Parenteral Drug Industry Congress. Started in 2008, PDI Congress focuses on parenteral drug industry, aiming to establish a platform for regulatory authorities

and pharmaceutical industry, enhance communication and technical exchange between local and international companies, promote further development of

Chinese pharmaceutical industry. Every year, more than 700 attendees participate PDI Congress, sharing exptertise and communicating

amound variety forums, covering Regulaotry & Policy, Industrial trends, Research & Development, Manufacturing Quality,

Packaging and Excipient, Injection Safety, Supply Chain Security, Investment and etc.



Why Participate PDI'2018
Focus on parenteral indusry, sponsored by government authorities, associations and industry.Platform for
learn, interact and collaboration since 2008
Interpretation of regulatory & trend by officials
from authorities, covering market entry,
manufacturing, distribution, etc.
Share expertise and best practice on drug R&D, Registration, Manufacturing, Distribution, exchange
know-how with participants
8+ Forums with well designed topics, covering whole supply chain of parenteral drug industry. Good opportunity for participants to learn, interact with peer and experts
50+Booths, 3-Day exhibition. Excellent opportunity to establish conversation with current and key excecutive people from the industry, promote your comany and prducts well 
Invite well know investors and consulting companies, Roadshow of excellent companies and products from local and broad. Promote investment opportunies for the industry
PDI'2018 Structure and Agenda
To be announced soon.
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